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From 1st June 2004 I depart on a 5 and a bit month holiday around the world.
Manchester-Thailand-Hong Kong-Australia-New Zealand-Cook Islands-LA-Texas-New York-Heathrow
Ive thrown this site together for my own use, and as a bonus for other people to keep tabs on me, I have put my itinerary in a calendar and left a forum for those people who wish to leave me a quick and friendly message!

13th November 2004

Back in the UK! Ive been back a week, and its bizarre. Living with parents again reminds me why I left, so im frantically searching and applying for jobs in Nottingham, Northampton and abroad. New York was great, but very very expensive, my 3 mates came and joined me, if they hadent I could of scraped through and been about even in balance, (un)fortunatly they came and so we went out every night for a couple (read: many) drinks and kept getting in the early hours of the morning, so now im well in debt! yey. Looking for work where I can socialise, but ive been approached by my old pub manager who asked me to come and do some shifts, so i may go back for a week or two to bar work to get a few quid in. While in New York we did the full tourist thing, Statue of Liberty, Empire States, Ground Zero, Central Park, Times Square (which is where we stayed) etc etc. was good fun and the only place that it reminds me of is Hong Kong, both big and busy and all about making money, people arnt very friendly in both places! Well, its been a fun 5 and a bit months, I suppose I had get back to real life. Thanks for your contact while ive been away. Andrew Bartley.

20th October 2004

Wow its almost been a month since my last update! time flies when your having fun they say. Im back in Houston, Texas, and tommorrow i travel to see my last cousin in Beaumont, Texas. Then on Saturday, I come back to Houston, and early on Sunday the 24th I fly to New York. My friends Dan, Craig and Alister from back in Northampton, England are coming over and were going to have a ball. We have booked a hostel and already booked tickets to a basketball game at Madison Square Gardens. Its going to be both Halloween and the Presidential elections while we are their to, its going to be an intersting time. Apparently its even snowing in New York at the minute. Nearly time to head back to England and reality, bank balance is running at an all time low, so i guess I will have to go back and get a propper job. Oh well.

25th September 2004

Hello! Sorry for delay in update. I have now got 1 month left in Texas, Im currently in Fredericksburg, visiting my relatives. I was in Houston for a while, and left on the 16th with a friend of mine, Emma who I met in the Cook Islands and then again in Los Angeles. We went to Austin, in Texas, which has a high student population and 6th street was really good for nights out, after 3 days during the weekend their, we left for San Antonio. A really nice city, 2nd largest in Texas now i believe, has the Alamo and the riverwalk etc, was good to do the tourist thing. Unfortunatly Emma left on the 22nd and flew back to England, but after that I took another bad greyhound bus to Fredericksburg to meet my Great Aunt Jean. Having fun so far, its nice to see them all, and im looking forward to doing some hunting!

6th September 2004

Wow. Made it to Texas! Ive been here a couple of days already, this stop has been a long time coming, Ive been planning it since around 1998. Texas is a very hot and very hospitable place. Last night i went out to a bar and made friends instantly (I would like to think thats my natural charisma). On Friday the 3rd, I flew from LA to Dallas Fort Worth and had a pretty bad experience with the public transportation Texas. After my flight landed, I had to get a shuttle to downtown Dallas Greyhound station, then I queued for tickets, but the customer service at Greyhound was terrible. A fight broke out in the queue between two women as people were made to wait ages. Finally once I had got my ticket (and he spelt my name wrong) the bus didnt leave on time, infact, once we had found someone to give us information, they were a driver short and so we ended up leaving an hour and a quarter later than expected, so I didnt get in until about 2am on the 4th. Should of just flown! Anyway thats great in hindsight, but im here now and planning on having a fantastic time.

19th August 2004

Hi, Ive not been able to update my website while I was in the Cook Islands, as technologically they are slightly backwards! However, I made it to Los Angeles today, and I'm staying on Hollywood Blvd. Ive got the Hollywood walk of Stars right outside my hostel (which is a bit shoddy and leaves something to be desired) but I'm only 1 minutes walk to Man's Chinese theatre where all the world premiers are held, and today as i was walking down the road the premier of the new Exorcist movie was on, the red carpet was out and so was the paparazzi and crowds, it was quite good to spectate. Had a bit of a stroll and then went for my first nice juicy steak of many, while i watched the world go by. Had fun, then i went to the cinema to see the new film Aliens v's Predator, which i enjoyed, walking back to hostel was propositioned by a "lady of the night" and Ive only been here 8 hours! Cook islands were ok, nice for a holiday but I wouldn't want to live there, i miss my luxuries. I went Scuba diving on the lagoon, and gashed my leg on the coral reef (which is still healing nearly 2 weeks later on), i also went spear fishing and we fried up what we caught. Got a nice tan on the beach. My hostel was on the best location on the island (Muri Beach) but unfortunately it was poor in other areas, like lack of sharp knife and can openers, and had several mice in the kitchen, one even found its way into my room at one point till i smashed it one with my shoe. Looking forward to seeing how LA shapes up, im hope it meets my expectations. Ive found another nice hostel and im moving into that tommorrow.

1st August 2004

Wow, had a little crazy time. As i ended up in Auckland earlier than expected through the fact i had miss judged the time it would take to get there via the Kiwi Experience bus I was getting bored of waiting for my flight. I had made good friends with a girl called Rosalind I had met back in Wellington, so on a spur of the moment thing and after many texts. I got a cheap return flight from Auckland to Wellington to see her for the weekend! How random is that? On Tuesday mid day I will be flying back to Auckland, hanging around the airport 4 hours and then flying out to the Cook Islands! Its all good fun. Really looking forward to the cook islands, where Im just going to bum out on the beech, get a tan and scuba dive. Really need to get rid of my cough which ive had over a week and I think thats the best thing for it. Last night me, Rosalind and her friend Sarah (who i knew) went out into Wellington on a night out and stayed in a very nice hotel which the girls paid for, which had 2 rooms and a lounge! I had a fantastic time. Well anyway, im back in the Base hostel I was in last time, the Base hostel around Australia and New Zealand have been pretty good and I would reccommend them.

25th July 2004

Hello, im in Auckland, once capital of New Zealand, and a city that contains 1.6million people, thats a lot considering New Zealands total population is only 4 million! Today I traveled from Rotorua, a place which stinks of rotten eggs (well sulphar) because of all the hot pools and mud baths it has. On the 22nd I did a sky dive from 12,000 foot over lake Taupo (see the pictures where Taupo is!). The skydive freefall lasts for about 45 seconds, but to me seemed longer, its not as scary as a bungee jump is actually. Then I traveled to Roturua, where I went to a Mauri concert, which was really good and now i feel cultured. Also the all you can eat buffet was fantastic. Tommorrow I head out to the top part of New Zealand, see the picture, for route. I will be hopefully going to see lots of islands, and 2 sea's crashing together, and be able to surf down sand dunes, and travel on a "90 mile beach", strange that its called that as its only apparently 40 or so miles long. The kiwi experience bus has been a good way to get around and I have met plenty of people, its strange how people ive met earlier on my trip just keep popping up all over the place. it really is a small world.
The North Island Top of the North

19th July 2004

Hello once again, this is my final posting from the south island. Tommorrow im leaving Ruth and moving on up to the north island of New Zealand. Hopefully it will be warmer! Ive had a good 2 weeks with Ruth and will be sorry to leave her but im also looking forward to moving on and meeting new people. Only a month to go until I get to the USA. Well im off to do my laundry, have fun.

13th July 2004

Hello! Well had a fun week here with my sister. On the 11th (Her Birthday) I did the "Nevis" Bungee jump, Its 134 meters and the 4th biggest platform bungee jump in the world, I was like half way down when I thought what the feck am i doing? bit late by then! Then on the same day as the bungee jump, me and Ruth did a Jet boat ride on the Shotover river (its called the Shotover jet) which travels at 70km/h really close to the canyon sides. Quite scary and very cold on my poor balding head, then after that I had a helicopter ride to the top of the Shotover and then rafted down it. It was so damn cold Ice was forming on our wetsuits and gloves as we rafted, good job we didnt tip over, but got just as wet anyway. The day before all this (the 10th) me and Ruth went skiing up the Remarkables mountain range, its my first time in 7 years or so and I wasnt bad, only fell over 4 times, and 3 of those times were on a Black run. Unfortunatly on the final time i fell over I twisted my wrist and its still hurting today. Going skiing again tommorrow though, the nice thing is Ruth works for the ski company so i get free Rentals on gear and equipment, all I have to pay for is the day ski lift pass (which isnt cheap!)

7th July 2004

What a horrible time! Was supposed to fly from Sydney to Queenstown in NZ, but the flight was diverted and I ended up in Christchurch. Then they bussed us to Queenstown, so a 3 hour flight ended up as a 11 hour journey. Finally got to see my sister but took long enough. Its so cold here to, only a quick update becuase ive got to get back to emails. Adios for now.

4th July 2004

Hello again, sorry for the slow update but all the computers i seem to find in Australia dont allow me to edit my html document and dont support me uploading one to my website, thus ive been able to update it. Im leaving Australia soon, and will be with Ruth in New Zealand. Ive changed my flights so that I fly from Sydney and then go straight to Queenstown where Ruth is. Ive had a good time in Australia, made some friends and got drunk a fair bit. Fantastic sights in Sydney, ive gone up the Sky tower and also taken a boat around the Opera house and done the bridge, ive tried to incorperate as much in as i can, but one thing i havent done yet is see a Kangaroo or Kowala bear (however its spelt). I could go to the Zoo tommorrow i suppose but thats cheating. If you need to contact me, ive purchased a sim card which should work in Australia too, the number is: +61431386867. Ive tried to use my digital camcorder to good use but its difficult sometimes, however I should still have a good bit of footage to play around with when i get back and I will get it onto a dvd so others can see what ive been up to! Click here or on the menu's to go to my digital camera photo's I managed to take before the blooming thing broke.

21st June 2004

Well, Ive almost finished my time in Hong Kong, those of you who recieved the email know ive been living in a little hole somewhere in TST, Kowloon (TST being Tsim Sha Tsui). TST is the shopping area, there are blooming thousands of shops. This would be a good thing exept I dont have any room to carry stuff, so I cant shop! Ive suffered a litle setback, my digital camera died on me last night, for no apparent reason, so I decieded to post it back home, as I had to post a lot of other little things back anyway. My tailor made suit has arrived back in England, i think my parents are shocked at the colour i chose, pink with yellow polkerdots is quite bizarre i know... urm moving swiftly on, ive been suffering a little and had to stock up on the old immodium (not pleasant), at the minute im sitting in a cyber cafe place waiting for my laundry to be finished (is this related to the immodium..??). Now ive got to know Hong Kong better I think its a fasinating place, I dont think i would want to live here personally but I can appreciate why people do. Ive seen quite a lot of sights and now im looking forward to seeing Australia. At least my digital camcorder is still working (touch wood). Thanks to those of you who have emailed me, its always nice to recieve some encouragement! My flight to Singapore leaves at 14:00 tommorrow, so i have to be up and get the MTR (Train) to Hong Kong Central then to the Airport (its quite a long distance away), then i get to singapore and then leave straight away for Melbourne. oh ive sent out a small batch of postcards so expect to recieve something in the next millenium. I put them in a strange green box in the road i just hope was a post box. either that or a dustbin.

7th June 2004

Left Bangkok after a few eventful days. With hindsight, as people have said, i could probably done with less time there, more like 3 days not 5. Ive not been feeling great for most of the holiday (just generally feeling ill) not sure if its the heat/sun or the food or water or what, but its starting to annoy me when im feeling sick and tired for this whole week. I hope things improve now that im in Phuket. Unfortunatly, its wet season in thailand, and i can tell why. been in Puket for a grand total of 5 hours hours and its rained heavily for 4 1/2 of them. Hope it doesnt keep going like this! Also got to tighten the purse strings, the budget was almost out the window in Bangkok, and phuket should be cheaper if i watch out, but apparently Hong Kong is very very expensive, so if im going over budget in the cheaper places really to crack down. Met up with a great guy called Kam from London, had some great nights out with him in Bangkok. Well will keep you informed on Phuket once i see more of it for myself, im in a place called Karon Bay, which at this time of year seems very very quiet, which is not necissarily a bad thing as i can do some sight seeing, but Patong which is about 15-20mins drive away is quite busy, so might have to go there for a couple of days.

2nd June 2004

Well, after my initial flights, disaster struck! My first flight departed nearly an hour late, and then when i reached munich to transfer to my next flight, i had to leg it as it was the last call. I got on my plane to Bangkok but unfortunatly my luggage didnt. Its still floating around somewhere in Munich, and i wont be recieving it for 24 hours or more. No clean undies for me. Will have to go out and get some in a minute. However, saying that, my flights were quite good. I got the exit seats so had a lot of legroom both flights, and on the first flight sat next to a german girl called Nadia. she was very nice and had done the similar thing to what im doing so we talked the whole flight. She worked for the airline we were on and did the trip regularly, she works in the air miles department and so instead of having to apply to get them through the post, i gave her the form instead and she can fill it in tommorrow. On my 2nd flight, i sat next to a German couple who have flown all around the world and done a lot, found out some good tips from them too. Hotel is nice, in middle of everything, looking forward to seeing whats around.

1st June 2004

Ok, im off, train leaves in 3 hours. Very nervous and excited. Think ive got everything packed, blooming well hope I have. Take care and see you all in 5 and a bit months

26th May 2004

Well less than a week to go. Off to visit the family tomorrow, rucksack is nearly full. Last minute panicking kicking in any time now.

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